BioRacer Aero System

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The BioRacer Aero system is an amazing tool that fitters, coaches, and athletes can use to determine the optimal aerodynamic position on the bike. It also gives realtime feedback with regards to watts saved or wasted, and how those watts translate into speed.

By measuring the frontal area of the rider, the amount of watts that the rider has to pedal to maintain a certain (hypothetical) speed is calculated. The rider and fitter get real time information on these parameters (frontal surface and power). The Aero Cycling Analysis course teaches participants the techniques needed to reduce aerodynamic drag. Given that “Virtual Wind Tunnel” parameters are adjusted instantly, feedback is immediate. Moreover, the gain in speed is projected as well.

The system consists of a webcam, a tripod to position the webcam in front of the cyclist, and a green screen. The green screen is placed behind the cyclist to make the background smooth and uniform.

The live feedback on your clients aerodynamic posture enhances the aero fitting process. Our Cycling Analysis instructors help participants interpret the data to optimize aero position.

Once a hypothetical desired speed is entered in to the software; that ideal saved “Aero Posture” can be selected and compared to the current position while pedaling under load. The Bioracer Aero software will calculate a Wattage delta (positive or negative) from the ideal posture. The Aero wattage “Delta” and percentage of time in the desired position allows the cycling analysis professional to determine the sustainability of the aero position. The position is further validated by employ GebioMized pressure analysis technology and MOTIONMETRIQ video capture to further ascertain sustainability by looking at contact point stability and changes in posture. This technology does not replace the information the track or wind tunnel testing yields but it provides critical posture and position data for fitters.