What type of rider benefits from a bike fit?

Riders come in all shapes and sizes. We ride different distances, surfaces, equipment, and for different reasons. We have a variety of goals… Some of us race. Some of us ride for charity. Others just want to make sure that their waist size doesn’t go up!

Considering this, why is it that the same cookie cutter approach is used by most bike fitters on all of their clients? Should you be put in the same position that a world champion time trialist rides in?

If all your bike fitter does is move the parts on your bike around until you conform to industry "norms", then they are assuming that you are the same as every other rider on the road. 

But you're not.

You are unique, and your position should reflect that. The Cyclologic fit protocol prioritizes the rider over everything else, which is why we invest the first hour of our fit session in figuring out what makes you... you.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 5.37.19 PM.png

Tight hamstrings? Flexible back? Strong core? Weak glutes? Wide feet? Even wider shoulders? We investigate it all before you get on your bike. Once we’ve figured all of that out, every rider then goes through the same motion and pressure capture protocol. It doesn’t matter if they are a world champion, or a new rider buying their first bike. Everyone gets the same first class treatment. We then take all of that data, combine it with what we learned during the physical assessment, and create your individualized position.

To get back to our original question, what type of rider will benefit from all of this? Well… We think every rider will benefit from a professional bike fit. Granted, it’s our business, so we are kind of biased!

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful if you heard directly from some of our clients about how they personally benefitted from the cycling analysis they received here at Cyclologic.

The riders below represent some of the many different types of people that come through our studios. Their positions and equipment are all as unique as they are. We would love the opportunity to help you find your unique position as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 480-699-5358, or check out our Fit page for more details.

Bob W. - Chasing speed and dealing with injury

I’ve been a cyclist (almost exclusively road) since 1999.  I took up the sport at that time because of a running injury (running was my previous addiction).  I quickly found the bike to be an equalizer for big guys like me, so like many new roadies, I dove head first into amateur bike racing, loving every minute of it.  By the mid-2000’s, age, family, and work stresses had definitely limited my competitiveness, but I still chased the dream of getting faster.  Still do to this day.

Over the years, I’ve had several (at least 6) professional bike fits, and had learned enough about my body to be able to put myself in a good position on the bike.  (Read more…)


Jenny H. -Age group triathlete looking for comfort and community

Growing up, I didn't play sports. The closest I got to an athletic field was the high school marching band. Years later, for fun, I did a couple of sprint triathlons on a hybrid bike. Eventually, I got a second-hand road bike and did a few rides on local paths before looking for group rides. On my first group ride with Cyclologic, Paraic fixed a flat for me, and asked if I'd had a bike fit. I hadn't. When he said I needed one, I joked, "And you're not just saying that because you're the shop owner?" He said in all seriousness, "I don't care where you go, but you should get a fit." Another rider told me Paraic was the best in the business. So, I called for an appointment, and Claudia set me up with Barry, who spent several hours with me in the fit studio. I was impressed with his extensive expertise, but also with the results. I was no longer hunched over, my saddle issues went away, and I felt much more comfortable on the bike. We've made a few tweaks since then, each time improving the overall fit.

I started riding with Cyclologic because I wanted to ride with a group. What I didn't expect was camaraderie and kindness from a community of incredibly supportive and inspirational people from all walks of life. I'm now training for my first 70.3, something I never would have imagined a few years ago. I'm grateful to Cyclologic launching my journey, getting my fit dialed in, and welcoming me to their family.


Chris U.- Recovering from back surgery and looking for a new bike

I started riding in 2013 after many years of running.  As a runner I suffered through many injuries such as stress fractures and plantar fasciitis.  The last straw was a torn meniscus in my right knee that would have required knee surgery.  A friend suggested I try cycling, which I was familiar with from past experience.  Like most I went to a biker shop and was place on a bike that was built for my size.  After a couple months I got my first bike fit and several months after that I got another bike fit.  Both experiences were fairly basic and did not involve a lot of technology and were not very informative or in-depth.  And I still couldn't ride more than 45 miles without feeling discomfort or the feeling of just wanted to get off the bike because my back hurt, my bum hurt, my arms hurt, my hands hurt, my feet hurt.  Needless to say by the end of 2014 I had to have back surgery to repair the damage from cycling in a bad position on the wrong bike.  (Read more…)


Emily L.- Ironman age-group champion

I am an amateur triathlete who primarily rides my tri bike for training and racing. I started working with Cyclologic last year after winning the Ironman North American Champs in Texas. My goal was to evolve my bike fit from an average amateur fit to an aggressive professional one. We started making changes before Kona last year and then after Kona we evolved the fit to where it is now. I was able to ride my fastest 112 miles so far (4:55) at Ironman Arizona in November and my bike and run times have continued to improve. It has been awesome working with the team at Cycologic. I couldn't be happier with the progress we have made! I look forward to continuing my triathlon trajectory and continuing to evolve how I ride my bike.

Tim H.- Accomplished Masters Cyclist and Medical Fit Client
I ride my bike for countless reasons and after 30+ years, I enjoy cycling now more than ever. Cycling has afforded me the ability to satisfy my competitive nature. Whether I am competing in a race, enjoying a century or weekend group ride or climbing Pikes Peak, cycling scratches my competitive itch. I ride my bike because it keeps me physically fit and healthy while being outside enjoying the scenery and the elements. I ride to keep my sanity from all the stressors of life. Turning the pedals takes my mind off all things I need to do and clears my head to face whatever I have ahead of me the next day.

Throughout my years of cycling, I have been on an endless quest to achieve a powerful and efficient riding position while still being comfortable and injury free. I have had many bike fits from multiple fit specialists over the years. While all of these fits have helped, none of them were able to get me to that sweet spot I was seeking. On the recommendation of another fitter, I decided to make the trip to Cyclologic. (Read more…)


Carol H.- Lifetime rider looking for a new bike and new challenges

I remember the exhilaration of my first ride on a 2 wheeled bike—it was just amazing being able to fly down a country road! Although I’ve transitioned through many bikes (remember the Schwinn Sting Ray with the banana seat), the exhilaration of my first ride remains with me.

Biking has been a constant activity for me providing hours, sometimes days, and sometimes weeks of entertainment for me and my family! Heading out on my bike has taken me to interesting places on roads less traveled. I’ve seen sunrises like no others and been provided enriching pauses in a busy life while on my bike.

This year I decided to redo a trip I made in 1974—the RAGBRAI (the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. I made this trip at the start of my professional career and I thought it would be a welcoming start to another phase of my life. (read more…)


Dr. Eric Marcotte- Two Time National Champion

I ride a bike for so many reasons: the health and mental well being benefits, the social aspect, the freedom it provides, and just being outdoors. Because of the volume of time spent on the bike as a professional athlete, but also as a Doctor of Chiropractic that regularly sees the impact of ignoring, dismissing, or being ignorant of the importance of the interface between rider and machine, I believe that what Cyclologic provides (and has supported myself and my patients with), is paramount to ones success and longevity on the bike. The hours, days, weeks, months and years add up to millions of revolutions and repetitions. The logical way to support what you love to do (riding!) is to make sure your body is set up in the optimal position.


Gary G. - Who Knew Millimeters Could Produce Profound Results?

I've been riding road bikes since 1983 and enjoyed seasons of racing, touring across North America, and being that weekend warrior Cycling is a passion of mine. I love pushing myself physically, mentally, and getting that satisfaction that I can still accomplish my goals. Through the years, I have undergone several bike fits to resolve a myriad of issues. Four years ago, I was fitted on my road bike in an aggressive bike position that resulted in a severe case of varicose veins in my left leg. After surgery and extensive physical therapy, I was searching for a professional fitter that would consider all aspects of bike fitting coupled with physical flexibility and core strength. That is when I met the team at Cyclologic in 2015 (Paraic Claudia, Barry, Adam, Steve, and RJ). The fitting experience was first-rate because they listen to the customer's goals, collect the critical data from the customer and bike, and educate the customer on the necessary steps for a better fit (core strengthening, improve flexibility, and selecting the correct equipment and frame). (read more…)