We are very proud to be able to work with a wide variety of athletes. Everyone from Olympic Gold Medalists to riders looking to buy their very first bike come through our studios. We think every rider benefits from a bike fit, but… we are obviously biased! So, we thought it would be helpful if you could hear directly from the cyclists we are lucky to work with, in their own words, about why they chose to get a fit from Cyclologic, and how it has impacted their riding. To learn more, please call 480-699-5358 or visit our Fit Page.


Chris U.- Recovering from back surgery and looking for a new bike

I started riding in 2013 after many years of running.  As a runner I suffered through many injuries such as stress fractures and plantar fasciitis.  The last straw was a torn meniscus in my right knee that would have required knee surgery.  A friend suggested I try cycling, which I was familiar with from past experience.  Like most I went to a biker shop and was place on a bike that was built for my size. 

After a couple months I got my first bike fit and several months after that I got another bike fit.  Both experiences were fairly basic and did not involve a lot of technology and were not very informative or in-depth.  And I still couldn't ride more than 45 miles without feeling discomfort or the feeling of just wanted to get off the bike because my back hurt, my bum hurt, my arms hurt, my hands hurt, my feet hurt.  Needless to say by the end of 2014 I had to have back surgery to repair the damage from cycling in a bad position on the wrong bike. 

Upon returning I decided I didn't want to have the same problems as I had before and I was embarking on a serious cycling event/ride in CA.  I knew before I could complete that ride I would need a better bike fit and that is how I found out about Cyclologic.  I made an appointment for a fit and was completely blown away by the expertise, technology and care that was put into their bike fit.  Mind you my previous experiences with bike fits cost nearly the same as a Cyclologic Bike Fit with less expertise, technology or care.  At Cyclologic they don't just say this is the position you should be in, they actually make sure you have the right shoes, cleat position, crank size, saddle design, stem length and handle bar width. 

The other 2 bike fits I had never even mentioned any of that, they just used the gear I had and tried to make it work.  That was a recipe for disaster as evidenced by my back surgery I had to have.  Since by bike fit I have increased my distances and all those things I mentioned previously didn't hurt anymore.  I also completed Cyclologic Fit1st bike fitting before I purchased my new bike.  I now have the most perfect bike for Me, not the one that the guy at the bike shop wanted to get off his showroom floor.  They took the time to answer all my questions and run the numbers on as many bikes as I could think of to make sure I got the bike that FIT ME. 

My most favorite side effect of having the right bike was that it added comfort and speed to my rides, which who doesn't want that!?  I cannot thank everyone at Cyclologic enough for making riding a bike any more fun than they have for me.  I look forward to riding my bike as often as I can.