Our Team

Cyclologic’s team of experienced medical, bio-mechanical, retail and business professionals look forward to elevating the cycling industry’s approach to fit.


Founder and Chief Technologist- Paraic McGlynn, a native of Ireland, has been coaching and working with elite athletes in Europe and the US since the early nineties. A former Cat 1 cycling racing career transitioned into coaching and sports biomechanics, sports science and sports performance analysis. After graduating from a national coach education program, he became a fulltime educator, studying with the French Cycling Federation and completing his National Coaching and Training Center tutor certification in 1994.

Paraic has a passion for technology and education influenced by working for Intel’s training department in Ireland and the United States and has a Graduate Qualification in Corporate Training and Development. In 2000, Paraic relocated to the US and became co-owner of a retail store in Arizona. He worked to develop a more scientific approach to bike fitting, sports orthotics, and developed cycling motion analysis methodologies. Prior to founding Cyclologic, Paraic was a director of Serotta’s SICI Fit school and was active in the development of the world’s first Cycling Specific Wind tunnel.

Paraic is the lead Trek Precision Fit instructor for North America. Cyclologic supplies technology to the global Precision Fit program and consulting services for Trek Bicycles. Paraic is a bike fitter and performance analyst for Trek Factory Racing.


Customer Service Manager- Claudia is the smiling face that greets you when you come through our front door, and the cheerful voice that answers the phone. She keeps the rest of us on track, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Claudia first got involved with bikes and cycling culture when she met Paraic in the mid-1990’s in Dublin. At the time he didn’t have a car, so she ended up driving him to his races, being the broom wagon, and generally supporting him in his cycling endeavors. This was the beginning of her adventures in the organization and logistics side of road racing. Marriage, two kids and many years later, she has taken up riding her bike again and on the week ends can be found out riding, attending a mountain bike race or encouraging everyone on the group ride to have fun and stay safe.


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Retail/Service Manager- A recent transplant from New York, Adam has over 20 years experience in bicycle retail. Over the years, he has gained valuable experience in sales, service, and fitting. He loves working one on one with his clients to build them their best possible bike. As a former racer, he loves riding, and enjoying the Arizona sunshine. Adam is a true student of the game, and fan of the sport! If you have any questions, feel free to toss them his way, and he'll be happy to help! You can email him directly at atrost@cyclologic.com. 


Cycling Analyst / Technology Liaison- Barry runs our main fit studio.  Chances are that if you book a bike fit at our Scottsdale location, you will be working with him. He has more than 20 years of motion analysis experience. Barry is also available to help you implement new Cyclologic technology at your business. What that means is that when Paraic and our partners come up with some amazing new product, Barry will walk you through how best to use it. And if something goes wrong? Give him a call. If he doesn't know the answer, he will find it for you.