We are very proud to be able to work with a wide variety of athletes. Everyone from Olympic Gold Medalists to riders looking to buy their very first bike come through our studios. We think every rider benefits from a bike fit, but… we are obviously biased! So, we thought it would be helpful if you could hear directly from the cyclists we are lucky to work with, in their own words, about why they chose to get a fit from Cyclologic, and how it has impacted their riding. To learn more, please call 480-699-5358 or visit our Fit Page.


Tim H.- Accomplished Masters Cyclist and Medical Fit Client
I ride my bike for countless reasons and after 30+ years, I enjoy cycling now more than ever. Cycling has afforded me the ability to satisfy my competitive nature. Whether I am competing in a race, enjoying a century or weekend group ride or climbing Pikes Peak, cycling scratches my competitive itch. I ride my bike because it keeps me physically fit and healthy while being outside enjoying the scenery and the elements. I ride to keep my sanity from all the stressors of life. Turning the pedals takes my mind off all things I need to do and clears my head to face whatever I have ahead of me the next day.

Throughout my years of cycling, I have been on an endless quest to achieve a powerful and efficient riding position while still being comfortable and injury free. I have had many bike fits from multiple fit specialists over the years. While all of these fits have helped, none of them were able to get me to that sweet spot I was seeking. On the recommendation of another fitter, I decided to make the trip to Cyclologic to see if I could get some relief from several nagging comfort and injury issues while gaining some free speed.

I scheduled my appointment months in advance because of the travel and I was immediately impressed with the customer service I received from Claudia. I decided to get the medical cycling analysis and she handled all the logistics to get my Physical Therapy evaluation with Endurance Rehab scheduled just ahead of my fit session and let me know everything I would need to bring for my fit. Once I arrived for my fit, I received a thorough physical therapy evaluation and received an exercise program focused on strength and flexibility deficits. My fit specialist Barry Anderson was informed of the results of my evaluation by the therapist and how they could influence my position on the bike.

To start my fit session, Barry took the time to ask all the questions he needed to fully understand my riding and injury history, cycling goals, as well as my current issues on the bike. The cycling analysis covered every aspect imaginable including shoe/insole/cleat adjustment, video analysis, saddle pressure mapping, my feedback and Barry's assessment. After multiple changes and re-assessment of the numbers based on my input, we finally came to a position with which we were both happy. The new position was significantly more aggressive and surprisingly comfortable. The tools Cyclologic has available are amazing and provide a plethora of data, but Barry's ability to use this information to get the rider more comfortable and in a more aerodynamic position is the real magic.

I have ridden in this position for over ten thousand miles with only a couple millimeter tweaks that Barry recommended and I am riding better and with greater comfort than ever before. Perhaps the most impressive part of my experience has been the continued support I have received from Barry over the last season and half. He has exceeded my expectations with respect to answering follow-up questions and has gone over and above to give me equipment recommendations and cycling advice in general. I could not be more satisfied with my experience and would (and have) highly recommend Cyclologics’ services to any cyclist looking to be a better and more comfortable rider.