The Top Five Reasons You Need A Bike Fit

Reason #1
You are thinking about buying a new bike. 

(and don't want to make an expensive mistake!)

One of our least favorite things at Cyclologic is having to tell a rider that they bought the wrong size bike. Unfortunately, it happens all too frequently. If you are thinking about buying a new bike anytime soon, please consider trying our "FIT FIRST" process before you invest in your new equipment. We can help you find the bike of your dreams and let you know what it will feel like before you lay down your hard earned dollars.

It doesn't matter to us what brand you are interested in, or where you buy your bike. We want your relationship with your local shop to be as strong as ever, and we would love to help you work with them to make sure all of the details are perfect, from the very first ride! For more information, check out the video below, visit our fit page, or call 480-699-5358.

Reason #2
You are injured or uncomfortable.

(and want to save $370 on our premier service!)


Whether you are injured, or simply want the absolute best possible insight into your cycling performance, our Medical Fit will get you the answers you are looking for. It all starts with a full physical evaluation by the pros at Endurance Rehab.  This is our flagship service  and  provides clients  with  a  blueprint  to  unlock  every  possible  performance opportunity.  This  fitting service  includes  a  personalized  strength,  stability  and  flexibility program developed by a physical therapist to compliment the cycling goals of the individual.

For the first time ever, Endurance Rehab and Cyclologic are offering this amazing service with two additional services at no additional charge! First, you will get two months of access to the Endurance Rehab facility where you will be able to work on the exercises that they have designed for you. Second, when your two months of work are done, we will revisit your fit in our studio so that the "new you" is fully optimized! Combined, this is a $370 value for free! 

In order to qualify your medical fit needs to be completed by July 31, 2018. Please call 480-699-5358 for more details and to reserve your spot!

Reason #3
You signed up for an Ironman.

(and you want to run faster off the bike!)

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.34.05 PM.png

We have an amazing fit special available right now that can not only make you faster and more efficient on your bike, but also help you run faster when you get off of it! If you book a triathlon or time trial "Fit With Pressure" during the month of June, you will also receive a free BioRacer Aero Session! That is a $150 value for free!

This amazing technology allows us to fine tune your frontal plane, while giving you real time feedback on watts saved and speed gained. As you pedal and practice your position, you will see how different types of postures effect your speed and stability. This is the same technology that is being used by World Champions and Olympic gold medalists to fine tune their winning form, and it is now available for you to use as well! Click here for more details! 

Reason #4
You are tired of getting dropped by your buddies. 

(There is no "and" to this one. We all just hate being dropped by our buddies!)


Tired of struggling up hills while your training partners ride away? Find yourself being left behind on fast descents? Sometimes, it means you are simply training with people who are currently in better shape than you are. That can be a good thing. Riding with people who are faster than you can make you faster as well.

But what if it is not just that they are faster? What if there is something about your position that is holding you back? The Cyclologic Cycling Analysis Protocol hones in on power leaks, and eliminates them from your position. Handlebar width, crank length, foot-pedal interface, saddle position, and saddle type are all areas where a significant amount of power can be lost. We are talking about power you already own! Power you have already worked hard for! Power that isn't reaching the back wheel because it is fluttering away in your pedal stroke. Want free speed? Let's make sure that you are getting the most out of what you already have! Call 480-699-5358, or check out our fit page for more details!

Reason #5
It has been more than two years since your last fit.


Things change. Your fitness, your goals, your equipment... They all change. As they do, your position on the bike needs to be adapted to your new reality. Bike fit is very much like a haircut. It has to be maintained, or things can get out of control! We see most of our clients three to four times a year. Once for a three hour session where we perform a full physical assessment, and two to three additional times during which we modify their positions and equipment to better suit the rider that they have become. 

If you haven't been in the studio in a while, do yourself a favor and call 480-699-5358 and set an appointment with one of our cycling analysis professionals.