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Cyclologic’s DNA is founded in bike fitting, education and research. Our team has been teaching, researching and working in the fitting arena since 1991. In the early 90s, Cycling Science was a rare commodity and we are proud to have been participants and constant observers at every step of the evolution. Endurance Rehab and Cyclologic have collaborated on many projects since 2000 and educational efforts since 2008. Our similarities in fitting philosophies and evidence-based practice made this cooperation a perfect fit for both sides.

Our international educational team is composed of leading sports scientists, bio-mechanists, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, seasoned fit specialists and retailers. All the course materials are based on scientific evidence that has undergone stringent testing.

Beyond the technical & scientific foundation provided through our training programs, students also learn the business essentials of fit and how to apply their cycling analysis capabilities to real world scenarios. All CAP* courses (Cycling Analysis Professional) emphasize the “Fit First” approach to fitting/selling bicycles and we adhere to the Medicine of Cycling (MOC) protocols to ensure that course participants practice within safe and medically approved guidelines. This approach attracts a clientele that is eager to improve performance and enjoyment of cycling through the proven Cycling Analysis approach. All courses are fully accredited by the International Bicycle Fitting Institute (IBFI) and appropriate course credits are available on completion of the course.

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Education at Cyclologic

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2019-2020 Dates:

November 4-6, 2019: Level 1 Cycling Analysis Professional
November 7-8, 2019: Level 2 Contact Point Analysis
November 9, 2019: Hands On Certification

December 9-11, 2019: Level 1 Cycling Analysis Professional

January 22-24, 2019: Level 1 Cycling Analysis Professional

January 28-29, 2019: Level 2 Contact Point Analysis
January 30- February 1, 2019: Level 3 Tri/TT Aerodynamics

Scottsdale, Arizona


Limited to 10 students per class

Class Size: