International School of Cycling Optimization (ISCO)

ISCO courses are developed in conjunction with leading sports scientists, biomechanists, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, seasoned fit specialists and retailers. All course materials are based on scientific evidence that has undergone stringent testing.

Cycling Analysis Professional Training provides a definitive professional edge by teaching an in-depth, evidence-based approach to bicycle fit and prescriptive retail.

Beyond the technical & scientific foundation provided through our training program, students also learn the business essentials of fit and how to apply their Cycling Analysis capabilities to real world scenarios. As a Professional Cycling Analysis, emphasizing the value of Cycling Analysis is key to differentiate the fit first approach from typical bicycle retail sales practices. This advantage attracts a cycling demographic that is eager to improve performance and enjoyment of cycling through a proven Cycling Analysis approach.

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ISCO Cycling Analysis and Contact Point Optimization

Dates: Stay tuned! 2017-18 class dates will be announced soon.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Class Size: Limited to 10 students per class
Price: $1749

Topics Covered:

  • Cycling Anatomy and Advanced Physical Assessments
  • Cycling biomechanics part 1
  • Foot evaluation and interventions part 1
  • The science of pressure analysis
  • Contact point pressure optimization
  • Foot pedal force analysis part 1

Equipment and Software Training:

  • Gebiomized WiFi saddle pressure tools
  • Gebiomized Bluetooth and Wifi Foot pressure/force tools
  • Gebiomized foot scanner
  • Purely Custom size cycles (3)
  • Purely Custom 360 platform
  • Purely Custom XY laser plotter
  • DartFish 2D video capture
  • Cyclologic 3D motion capture
  • Biometric analysis tools


  • Nathan Koch, PT
  • Paraic McGlynn, Cyclologic
  • Barry Anderson, Cyclologic
  • Daniel Schade, Gebiomized (Virtual)
  • Steven Carre, Bike Effect,Santa Monica

*may vary class to class