Saddle Pressure Technology, A message for both riders and fitters.



This is the same saddle... On the same bike... Under the same rider... But holy smokes! Look at the difference! The craziest thing about this image is that visually, there was no indication that the rider was perched that far forward on the saddle, and the rider himself was not aware of it either. Video analysis showed that he was actually pretty close to being in the right place in space. His previous fitter was in the ballpark with regards to saddle height, crank length optimization, cleat placement, and knee/pedal spindle alignment.

The problem was that because the fitter did not use GebioMized saddle pressure technology, they didn't know what part of the saddle the rider was actually sitting on! If you are a rider, and you are having saddle issues, the answer might not be a new saddle. Your current saddle might be perfectly appropriate, if it were moved in space underneath you to a more appropriate place.

If you are a rider dealing with saddle issues, and want to learn more, please give us a call at 480-699-5358, and we can answer your questions about how the Cyclologic Cycling Analysis Protocol, combined with gebioMized saddle pressure mapping technology, can take the guess work out of saddle discomfort issues.

saddle 1.JPG


Take a look at the above image. See that big yellow spot of pressure on the nose of the saddle on the left? That is enough pressure to cause numbness in a rider. If you are not using a gebioMized pressure mat to see how your rider is actually interacting with their saddle, you have no way of knowing that pressure spot is there. 

Without a pressure mat, and the training needed to use it, you are completely blind about one of the most important interfaces between your rider and their bike. How do you know whether or not you need to ask the rider to scoot back on the saddle, or whether it would be better for you to scoot the saddle forward underneath them? How do you know if you can't see it?

The short answer is that you don't.

Using pressure as part of your cycling analysis protocol is a complete game changer. A gebioMized saddle pressure system allows the fitter to:

  • See where the rider is actually sitting

  • Validate saddle recommendations to your clients

  • Provides insights into pelvic and hip stability

  • Offer custom saddles to your clients

  • Identify potential crank length issues

  • Determine appropriate saddle widths

  • Select the correct saddle, the first time

  • Separate yourself from other fitters in your market

And that is just scratching the surface. 

If you would like to learn more about gebioMized saddle pressure technology, please call 480-699-5358 and ask for Barry or Claudia. They will schedule a time for you to remotely view our workstation here, and for one of our analysts to walk you through the system. 

If you want to get some hands-on experience and training, please consider attending our Cycling Analysis and Contact Point Optimization classes this March. Spaces are extremely limited, so contact us today to reserve your spot.