Kerry's Fit-First Testimonial

My bike has always been my partner in crime. I didn’t care that she was a little rough around the edges. I wore my saddle sores and numb toes like badges of honor. That is, until my mileage increased.

“Have you ever been properly fit on your bike?”

This innocuous question would lead me into the capable hands of the Cyclologic team. What I assumed would be a standard process was anything but, permanently changing my relationship to my bike and how I viewed my own physiology.

Whereas Cyclologic’s “Fit First” system would define me mathematically and analytically, it was Paraic and Steven’s ability to breathe life into my data that made my experience profound. Surrounded by digital displays and best of breed technology, I observed the dance between science and intuition as each minute adjustment brought me closer to the perfect fit.

4 months and 3,500 miles later, the obstacles that stood in the way of my optimal performance have been stripped away. I still have to train hard, but I no longer worry about the bike. It’s become an extension of me and my inner bad-ass.

Kerry Hebert
Lead UX Designer/Ardent Cyclist