Dear Cyclologic team,

I just wanted to say “thanks again” for the great service you have provided me. In the three years I have been working with you, my cycling life has continued to get better. And consequently, the rest of my life has improved as well. Prior to my first fit, I was in constant pain. My lower back was so tight that it not only affected my time on the bike but affected every aspect of my life. Even with the pain, I had no intention of giving up cycling. I just accepted that as part of my life. Since you changed my position on the bike, my lower back pain is no longer an issue (the chiropractors I worked with are not happy with you though as I no longer see them). With that, my personal life has improved as well. You have gained a client forever. Regardless of where I am living in the world, I will seek you out every time I get a new bike.

Thanks again.

Regards, Andy