Felt Carbon Technology

As experts in the business of cycling, we are critical about the products  we ride, service and provide for our clients. It just so happens that recently there has been a fair amount of press around these very products. From the IA4 (deemed the P5 Slayer) to Parlee and Alchemy there is no loss for details and exacting performance in our lineup.

                                                                Photo via VeloNews.com

                                                                Photo via VeloNews.com

The venerable Leonard Zinn – writing for Velo News – relays six reasons why Felt’s production & design produce a better bike. Their carbon layup will suprise you, and we can tell you, as a Felt dealer we build every one that comes into the studio and the details are what you want in a bike. Leonard states as much in his review:

“not a marketing-driven company. Rather, it is a product-driven company, and has been ever since Jim Felt started making custom aluminum bikes with his name on them decades ago. Felt employs a small team of talented engineers, and the company and its product line are too small for them to be dedicated to single categories. Instead, ideas that work on road bikes rapidly cross-pollinate to mountain, cyclocross, and track bikes, and vice versa.”

You can also learn the quick history of Felt Bicycles on their Wiki page where the have history for days. If you’re local to the Phoenix Valley, we’ve got a grip of Felt bikes at the studio including the IA4 below: