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Cycling Analysis

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The foundation of a better cycling experience begins with an in depth Cycling Analysis session. Our passion for Cycling Analysis is evident in our technology laden analysis lab housed in the front half of our Scottsdale facility. We compliment our Cycling analysis services with a fit focused retail store and service department.

Cyclologic offers comprehensive Cycling Analysis services throughout the week by appointment. In addition to optimizing the interface between cyclist and bicycle, we compliment the fit experience by providing a full selection of components (bars, stems and saddles) to compliment our Fit First philosophy. Your optimal position is often heavily influenced by the components that you “touch” on the bike and we have an extensive selection of those components in stock. The Cyclologic service department is at your disposal for any job from handlebar and saddle swaps, wheel builds, race bike preparation, all levels of bike servicing and complete custom bike builds. Our knowledge and experience in all areas of the process allow all cyclists to objectively make equipment and service choices.

Through collaboration with our select manufacturers, we develop full custom bike solutions from premier manufacturers including; Trek, Felt, Parlee, Alchemy, Orbea, Zipp, 3T, SRM, Rotor, Cobb, X-Lab, Endura, Bontrager, Garmin and many others.

We cater to Road Cyclists, Triathletes and Off-road riders of all abilities from kids (or adults) getting their first road bike to customers that have many decades of experience. Our Cycling Analysis services are used by compete beginners all the way up to professional athletes. Everyone gets the same VIP concierge treatment.

If you are interested in learning more of our services for cyclists, contact us, or stop by the studio for a tour and explanation of the process.


  1. Cycling Analysis with Pressure – Our  3  hour  comprehensive  analysis  includes: detailed  interview,  history  and  goals, flexibility  and  core  strength  assessments, foot  evaluation,  high  speed  multi-camera video  analysis and a full GebioMized saddle  pressure  analysis.  This  gives our Cycling  Analysis  Professional an unprecedented  amount  of  information  on  the  complete  interaction  between  the cyclist and  the bicycle. Pressure  analysis can assist with  resolving saddle pain,  low back   pain,   hand   discomfort,   leg   length   discrepancies,   dialing   in   aggressive positions,  returning  from  injury  or  surgery  and  many  more  fit  related problems. $399
  2. Medical Cycling Analysis – (In conjunction with Endurance Rehab) Includes  all aspects  of  Advanced Cycling Analysis  and  adds a full  medical  physical evaluation with a highly experienced Cycling Physical Therapist. This is our flagship service  and provides  clients  with  a  blueprint  to  unlock  every  possible  performance opportunity.  This  fitting  service  includes  a  personal  strength,  stability  and flexibility program to compliment the Cycling goals of the individual. $699

What to bring:

On the day of the appointment please remember to bring all your normal cycling clothing. Please bring your bike and any model specific parts that might be used in a fitting (eg Aerobar accessories). Triathlon and TT fittings If you have booked a Triathlon or TT fitting please bring your race clothing, helmet, sunglasses and your nutrition/hydration components. These all impact fitting particularly if you are a long course athlete.

Existing Parts If you have saddles/stems or other components that you think we could use in the process please feel free to bring those components.

Call or contact us if you have any questions, and for full details.

After you have completed your purchase, we will mail the gift certificate to either you, or to the recipient. Please double check the shipping address during checkout. Cyclologic is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.