We are very proud to be able to work with a wide variety of athletes. Everyone from Olympic Gold Medalists to riders looking to buy their very first bike come through our studios. We think every rider benefits from a bike fit, but… we are obviously biased! So, we thought it would be helpful if you could hear directly from the cyclists we are lucky to work with, in their own words, about why they chose to get a fit from Cyclologic, and how it has impacted their riding. To learn more, please call 480-699-5358 or visit our Fit Page.


Dr. Eric Marcotte- Two Time National Champion

I ride a bike for so many reasons: the health and mental well being benefits, the social aspect, the freedom it provides, and just being outdoors. Because of the volume of time spent on the bike as a professional athlete, but also as a Doctor of Chiropractic that regularly sees the impact of ignoring, dismissing, or being ignorant of the importance of the interface between rider and machine, I believe that what Cyclologic provides (and has supported myself and my patients with), is paramount to ones success and longevity on the bike. The hours, days, weeks, months and years add up to millions of revolutions and repetitions. The logical way to support what you love to do (riding!) is to make sure your body is set up in the optimal position.