We are very proud to be able to work with a wide variety of athletes. Everyone from Olympic Gold Medalists to riders looking to buy their very first bike come through our studios. We think every rider benefits from a bike fit, but… we are obviously biased! So, we thought it would be helpful if you could hear directly from the cyclists we are lucky to work with, in their own words, about why they chose to get a fit from Cyclologic, and how it has impacted their riding. To learn more, please call 480-699-5358 or visit our Fit Page.


Emily L.- Ironman age-group champion

I am an amateur triathlete who primarily rides my tri bike for training and racing. I started working with Cyclologic last year after winning the Ironman North American Champs in Texas. My goal was to evolve my bike fit from an average amateur fit to an aggressive professional one. We started making changes before Kona last year and then after Kona we evolved the fit to where it is now.

I was able to ride my fastest 112 miles so far (4:55) at Ironman Arizona in November and my bike and run times have continued to improve. It has been awesome working with the team at Cycologic. I couldn't be happier with the progress we have made! I look forward to continuing my triathlon trajectory and continuing to evolve how I ride my bike