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BioRacer Aero Education

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The one day "BioRacer Aero Technology" class at Cyclologic is intended for fitters who have already completed our "Cycling Analysis Professional" course (or similar), and who want to further sharpen their skills. This hands on, advanced level class is instructed by Paraic McGlynn and is limited to eight students. 

Topics covered include:

  • Aero 101
  • Frontal Area and Aero Performance
  • Establishing a Sustainable Aero Position
  • Stability and Aero
  • Physical Assessment and Aero
  • Using the BioRacer Training Mode
  • Using BioRacer for Course Simulations


Beyond the technical & scientific foundation provided through our training programs, students also learn the business essentials of fit and how to apply their cycling analysis capabilities to real world scenarios. All CAP* courses (Cycling Analysis Professional) emphasize the “Fit First” approach to fitting/selling bicycles and we adhere to the Medicine of Cycling (MOC) protocols to ensure that course participants practice within safe and medically approved guidelines. This approach attracts a clientele that is eager to improve performance and enjoyment of cycling through the proven Cycling Analysis approach. All courses are fully accredited by the International Bicycle Fitting Institute (IBFI) and appropriate course credits are available on completion of the course.

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Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Physical Assessments
  • Advanced Cycling Biomechanics
  • Advanced Foot-Pedal Interface
  • The Science of Cycle Pressure Analysis
  • Foot Pedal Force Analysis
  • Advanced Frontal Plain and Pedal Analysis

Equipment Used:

  • MOTIONMETRIQ 2D Video Capture
  • MOTIONMETRIQ 3D Motion Capture
  • gebioMized Pedal Pressure and Force
  • Noraxon Biometric Analysis Tools
  • Purely Custom Size Cycles
  • Purely Custom 360 Platform
  • Purely Custom XY Laser Plotter
  • gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping
  • Foot Evaluation Tools