We believe that whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional racer, you deserve the absolute best service available! After all... You want that beautiful bike of yours to perform, right? It doesn't matter if you're sprinting to beat your buddy to Starbucks or sprinting to the finish line. When you ask your machine to do something it needs to deliver.

This is why we we have gotten away from the typical one-size-fits all menu service options you see in most shops, and have developed the "race-ready tune" philosophy. We believe every pedal stroke and every shift counts. When your bike is in our stand it gets what it needs. At Cyclologic, there is never any pressure to bump you up to a more expensive service package just to get the care your bike deserves. 

When you bring your bike in, our staff will carefully go over everything. If your rear derailleur needs to be adjusted, it gets adjusted. If your drivetrain is not clean, it gets cleaned to a sparkle. If your wheels are out of true, they leave the shop spinning straight. No matter what your bike needs, our service department is here to ensure that your next ride is your best ride.

We also know your time is very valuable and and that training is important to you. With that in mind, we offer service appointments. You can now call and book a designated time slot just for you and your bike!

No more multiple trips to the bike shop. No more missing a training ride because there is a line of bikes in front of yours.  At Cyclologic, you simply book an appointment and bring your bike in. While your bike is getting serviced you could run an errand, grab some lunch or hang out in the shop and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or a cappuccino. Our goal is to get you back out doing what you love as fast and convenient as possible.