Cyclologic is the exclusive North American distributor of Gebiomized  – the world leader in Cycling pressure analysis tools. Pressure analysis is available for all bicycle contact points including Saddle, Shoe, Aerobar, and Grip or handlebar. This state of the art pressure and force measurement technology was developed in the GebioMized “Concept Lab” in Munster, Germany. 

"GebioMized is the advanced bike fitters dream analysis tool, it illustrates problems not just in the contact points but also in the force application of the pedal stroke. It removes subjective analysis of issues and adds verifiable evidence as to the correct course of action in a bike fitting"
                                                               Steven Carre, Bike Effect, Santa Monica, CA.

Since 2001 gebioMized has been working on the optimal riding position. The original pressure mapping concept was developed in cooperation with the University of Muenster, and gebioMized's fitting technology is now used in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

Cyclologic offers regular contact point optimization classes to compliment to pressure and force measurement technology, we provide courses on different levels and attract fitters from all over the world to Scottsdale Arizona for Fit Education. See GebioMized in use in the bike fitting videos below for a better insight into the technology in action.