Dartfish develops and offers cutting-edge video solutions that empower its users to CAPTURE, ANALYZE and SHARE video content. Dartfish is the world leader in video based analysis with in excess of 100,000 active users in sports, universities, stadiums and anywhere that athletes need to understand movement to excel. Dartfish, trusted globally by thousands of elite sport organizations, federations, and corporations, leads the world with technology to create, analyze and distribute video content. 

Dartfish has been used by our staff for over a decade and we provide Dartfish education to Cycling Analysis students from all over the world. We also offer complete solutions and hardware consulting to help to create your ultimate motion analysis environment. Cyclologic's has Dartfish Certified Technologists on staff and use Dartfish extensively in Lab and at offsite locations all over the globe. We regularly deploy our performance analysis specialists to help teams, manufacturers, sports NGB's and athletes perform better.