The Cyclologic Club Team is about community, camaraderie, and culture. We have three goals: 

  1. To create an environment that encourages new riders to join our sport. 

  2. To help existing riders to grow their skills, fitness, and love of cycling. 

  3. To promote cycling as not just a sport, but as a viable, acceptable part of our community's transportation strategy. 


To become a member of our club, a rider must do the following: 

  1. Complete and sign the “Club Member Application” below.

  2. Purchase a club kit (jersey and bibs) 

  3. Have a current USA Cycling Silver or Gold membership (, or have a current USA Cycling Race License ( 

Cyclologic Club Member Application

Name *
Club Code of Conduct *
I am aware that while wearing any team clothing, I am representing not only Cyclologic, but the club sponsors and other club members as well. As such I agree to obey the rules of the road, look out for my fellow riders, and to NOT BE A JERK while sporting team kit.
Event Participation *
I will complete one of the following events this year, and tag the Club in my social media feeds when I do. (You can choose more than one.)
Monthly Ride Commitment *
I will support the Club by participating in at least one Cyclologic shop ride per month, and will tag the Club in my social media feeds when I do.