Aerodynamic Optimization

Cyclologic is very proud to have partnered with BioRacer Belgium in bringing you their gold medal proven aero technology and clothing to North America. Cyclologic is BioRacer's U.S. education partner, and can provide their full range of services.

The Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel green screen technology provides live feedback on your aerodynamic posture. Our Cycling Analysis team can interpret the data to optimize your position. Bioracer Aero employs a sophisticated aero frontal surface area analysis software to dial in your optimal body posture and assess its sustainability.

Once a hypothetical desired speed is entered in to the software; that ideal saved “Aero Posture” can be selected and compared to the current position while pedaling under load. The Bioracer Aero software will calculate a Wattage delta (positive or negative) from the ideal posture. The Aero wattage “Delta” allows the cycling analysis professional to determine the sustainability of the aero position. We employ GebioMized pressure analysis technology to further assess sustainability by looking at contact point stability.

Once the optimization is complete, clients can book training to further master the ideal aero posture. The real time frontal surface area and power information are adjusted instantly when you change your position on the bike. You can track your optimal aerodynamic position and train it. After the training session, you get a report of how well you performed.

Aerodynamic Analysis Services

Aerodynamic Fit: Our five hour Aerodynamic Fit offers all of the same services as our "Fit with Pressure," plus additional refinements using the BioRacer Aero System Virtual Wind Tunnel. This amazing new technology allows us to optimize your frontal plane aerodynamics with pin-point precision. You will learn which position and posture saves you the greatest number of watts at any given speed. $599

Aerodynamic Follow-Up: If you have been fit at Cyclologic in the past, we can further refine that position using the technology described above in our "Aerodynamic Fit." This follow-up takes approximately two hours. If it has been more than a year since we have seen you, and your fit needs to be updated, any additional time required to do so will be billed out at our normal hourly studio rate. $249

Aerodynamic Evaluation: We offer the Aerodynamic Evaluation for riders that have been fit somewhere besides Cyclologic, but would like to explore the optimizations available via the BioRacer Virtual Wind Tunnel. Posture coaching, high speed video analysis, saddle pressure analysis, and helmet strategy are included, but no changes will be made to your bike. This Evaluation takes approximately 90 minutes. $200

Aero Position Training: This service is for any rider that has already received either an Aerodynamic Fit, Follow-up, or Evaluation. The optimal position achieved in those sessions is recorded, and the rider can practice maintaining that position using biofeedback via the Virtual Wind Tunnel, real time video, and saddle pressure. $150 per hour (booked in half hour increments)

Wind Tunnel Testing: Cyclologic is proud to be able to offer full wind tunnel optimization. Wind tunnel time books out weeks in advance, so please call (480-699-5358) for schedule and pricing information. 

BioRacer Master Speed Suit (Time Trial, Track, Triathlon): Clothing is one of the biggest determining factors in aerodynamic optimization. The BioRacer Master Speed Suit is the fastest race suit available. Period. Whether you are a professional rider trying to win a big race, or an amateur athlete looking for an edge, the BioRacer Master Speed Suit is your ticket to a faster ride. The fitting takes approximately 90 minutes.  $1850 (includes two suits)